Ethanol Co-Products

A kernel of corn is about two-thirds starch, which is converted to ethanol. The remaining nutrients-protein, fat, fiber, minerals and vitamins are concentrated into distillers grains and condensed distillers solubles. A portion of condensed distillers solubles is used to extract distiller’s corn oil using centrifuges.  The corn oil is sold in the animal feed markets or to produce biodiesel and renewable diesel.  The remaining condensed solubles are used to produce syrup and added back into the distillers grains to increase the feed’s nutritional value. Distillers grains with solubles can be used either as a wet (WDGS) or dry (DDGS) product. DDGS is dried to about 10-12% moisture and is able to be transported worldwide.  The DDGS is separated into a high protein DDGS fraction for higher protein markets. WDGS is approximately 34% solids and 66% moisture. WDGS is a very palatable, high-quality feed but because of its higher moisture and transportation costs, it is used by the local feed industry.

For current availability and prices of WDGS, DDGS, corn oil, or syrup, please contact us at 800-233-9948 ext 3263 or 402-460-3289.

chief ethanol plant
chief ethanol worker on top of fuel trailer